2023 Best Websites For European Roulette

Best Websites For European Roulette

Canadian gamblers with self-assurance have always enjoyed taking the plunge and turning the European roulette wheel. It is possible to place large bets and win even larger cash rewards when playing European Roulette. When you combine a low house advantage, excellent odds, and a high chance of winning, the enjoyment factor continues to increase. Consider the recommended online casinos that offer European Roulette, despite the fact that almost every online casino offers it today.

As ardent roulette devotees, our team of expert reviewers has played all online roulette variations available on the internet. They’ve put in a tremendous amount of effort to provide you with online casino recommendations and reviews that dispel any doubts you may have regarding essential factors such as casino legitimacy, payout speed, banking options, player safety, and more. Spin Palace is the best online casino for European Roulette in 2023.


Here’s why you should play European Roulette at an online casino:


Canada’s simplest table game to learn and play.

Lower house advantage compared to other roulette games

Extremely popular and accessible in most Canadian casinos

Starting With the Fundamentals


Starting With the Fundamentals

Canadian roulette enthusiasts have regarded European Roulette as something special for generations. You will never have to devote time to learning complicated strategies. Just have a basic comprehension of the game and some patience. In less than no time, you will be prepared to begin.


The configuration of a European Roulette table in an online casino consists of a grid of numbers ranging from 1 to 36. A rotating wheel with numbered compartments is also present. European Roulette players must understand that the number grid on the roulette table does not depict the wheel. If you venture on the first dozen, you intend to wager on the numbers 1 through 12. However, these numerals are not adjacent on the wheel. Instead, they are equitably distributed across the wheel.


You could regard the number sequence to be completely random. However, at aon’s online casino, the European Roulette numbers are positioned intentionally to confuse the player. Remember that the configuration of the wheel must adhere to this standard: the black and red number slots must alternate. When playing European Roulette online, you have the option of making the game simple or difficult. The principles are nearly identical to those of other roulette variations you may have played. Spin the roulette wheel and wager on which compartment the ball will land in.


With excellent odds, a low house advantage, and an increased chance of taking home real money, the European Roulette game is never-ending excitement.

A Beneficial Difference

The only difference between American and European roulette is the wheel. The European version of the roulette wheel has a single zero, whereas the American version has two zeros, or two compartments containing “0” and “00” each. Due to the presence of a zero on the European wheel, the numerals are arranged differently than on the American wheel.


This solitary zero has an advantageous effect on players. Simply put, your odds of defeating the casino increase to 2.7% when you play European Roulette online. Compare this to the American version, which has a house edge of 5.27 percent, and you can see why speculators flock to the game. If you believed that you would lose $2.70 on a $100 real-money wager in European Roulette, you would lose $5.27 in American Roulette.


Excellent Odds and Best Bets

In European Roulette, payouts are based on the probability that a given number will win. The payout of winnings is determined by a multiplier applied to the initial wager. As previously stated, the table layout is comparable to that of other roulette games. You will place bets with the straightforward objective of predicting the winning number, colour, and whether the number will be odd or even. The wagers can be divided into two categories, inside and outside, based on the number grid.


European Roulette inside bets at an online casino include the straight stake, which is a wager on a single number. Straight wagers on actual money pay odds of 35-to-1. With split betting, it is possible to wager on two adjacent numbers with 17-to-1 odds. When three numbers are in a row, it is possible to place a street wager, which can offer odds of 11-to-1. Corner bets permit wagering on four intersecting numbers that are arranged to form a square; the payout for these wagers is 8-to-1. Line wagers encompass bets placed on six numbers comprising two rows of three numbers each.


Bets placed on larger clusters of numbers are known as outside bets. For example, you can wager on the color red or black, as well as even or unusual numbers. The return on both of these wagers is 2-to-1. With Dozen Bets, predetermined groups of a dozen numbers are presented, namely 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36, and a wager pays out at odds of 2-to-1. If you are willing to take risks, playing European Roulette with real money can be quite profitable.


A Strategy For Beginners

The advice of seasoned roulette players is to commence with a focused strategy. A turn of the roulette wheel has no effect on the outcome of the subsequent spin. One could say that the game operates independently.


Free Practice To Develop Your Skills

Beginners should commence by playing for free. Although there is no chance of winning real money when participating for free, there is also no chance of losing a single dollar. Once you have a firm grasp of the game and betting categories, you will be able to determine what works best for you. Free play functions as a trial run, allowing you to learn vital lessons.


Manage Your Finances

Ensure that you have a thorough understanding of capital management before beginning. This aids in keeping your money secure for a very long time. Set aside a certain quantity of money to bet with, and withdraw once the bankroll is depleted. Players who determine their bankroll do not play on impulse and are therefore able to make rational wagers without risking more real money than they can afford to lose.


Choices to Make

You should avoid placing wagers on the number zero. Red/black, odds/even, and high/low outside wagers can be an excellent starting point for novice players. Single-number wagers may yield large payouts, but their likelihood is extremely low. The optimal strategy is to maximize the board and wagering area, as this minimizes risk.


Remember the most essential piece of advice: You should appreciate European Roulette because it is essentially a game. If you are not enjoying the game, you should take a pause before placing your next wager!


European Roulette – Our Closing Remark

Our Last Word

As previously stated, learning to play European roulette is simple. Numerous online casinos in Canada allow you to play the game for free. Our review team has compiled a list of the best online casinos for Canadian players that are operated by reputable companies with a proven track record.


When it comes to vetting online casinos, our evaluators employ an exhaustive list of stringent criteria. First and foremost, these casinos must possess an active gaming license from a recognized authority. This circumstance provides us with two benefits. First, we are able to cover all aspects, as there are stringent requirements to obtain a license. Second, this ensures that the casino management will consent to the disclosure of operational information.


The online casinos should also have an impeccable reputation for treating their customers fairly. Customers must be content enough to recommend the casino to others. On the other hand, when it comes to new casinos, we attempt to determine what distinctive feature the site offers that is absent from competing online casinos. Importantly, since we are facilitating Canadian players like yourself, we ensure that the casino accepts Canadian dollars for deposits. In addition, gaming software, customer support, and member promotions are also significant determinants.


If you’re searching for the genuine value of your Canadian dollar, we recommend registering at one of these online casinos immediately.



How is the game of European Roulette played?

This game makes wagering straightforward. The roulette wheel contains 37 numbered positions ranging from 1 to 36. The pockets are black, scarlet, and green in color. Simply position your chips according to your desired wager and click “Spin.” Once your wagering round concludes, you must decide whether to “Rebet” (place a second wager) or “Clear Bets” (quit) by clicking the corresponding buttons.






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